Wallingford swimmers

Sandy, Wallingford Activities

April 2021

New ramp access at the pool enables access and enjoyment for our seniors

A group of Wallingford residents approached me about going to have a look at the new refurbished Temuka Swimming pool. These residents had been swimmers in their younger days and were keen to get back in the pool.
We all went down to have a look, and the residents were very impressed by the now easy access into the pool via a ramp.
The decision was made to take up swimming again, the residents had a great time getting back in the pool, and were very surprised on how they had never forgotten on how to swim. They loved the feeling of being back in water.
We have managed to get back down for a weekly swim, but covid hit and the weather has become a bit cooler, so our swimming days are over for the season .. but we will be eager to hit the pool again next summer!