Wallingford 'Wingers'

Temuka Telegraph

September 2020

Covid-19 hit and we were suddenly placed in to lockdown, no visitors, friends, volunteers and no more visits from our furry friends either. Times were tough and we had no idea how long this lock down was going to last.

Some residents at Enliven Wallingford Home come to me with an idea, they wanted to form a music group to bring music in to Wallingford. They named themselves the Wallingford Wingers as they all thought they would just ‘wing it’ on the day.
During their first meeting of the Wallingford Wingers, they came up with the idea, that at the end of lock down they would perform for the staff, a way of giving back and thanking them for all they had done to help them get through lock down.
A group of nine formed and between them they chose the songs and how they were going to be sung. They had different props for different songs to bring in a bit of laughter. Over the lockdown months they practised twice a week, and had a lot of laughs.
When Lockdown was over, they felt it was time to put on their inaugural performance, the Wallingford Wingers had another meeting and decided that they would invite all the volunteers as well as staff, and have a “welcome back function”. Most of the singing group had never performed in front of a big crowd so there were plenty of nerves! The function was held on Tuesday 28th July, with 60 invited guests, they all enjoyed the entertainment this was finished off with afternoon tea, the day was enjoyed by all.
Sandy Mclachlan,
Wallingford Activities Co-ordinator