Social netball returns to Temuka

Temuka Telegraph

April 2021

A casual comment on the Temuka Community facebook page asking if there was a local social netball club, followed by one motivated individual thinking it would be a good idea for Temuka to have one, and boom! Temuka has a social netball club!

Alana Shefford is the force behind it, aided by Rangi who reached out to her on facebook, offering her help to get the ‘ball rolling’. After several meetings between the two women a plan was put into action.
Now, a few shorts weeks later, the club has ten teams entered in the competition (over fifteen were interested in taking part - but time constraints meant only ten could be accepted - for now).
Six brand new netballs were generously supplied by Temuka Transport, and after a post on the Temuka Social Netball Club’s facebook page, Diane Lyne was able to assist with sets of bibs. Along with reasonable rates at the community centre making it affordable, everything has fallen into place and the first evening has been held. The evening was a great success and enjoyed by everyone who took part.
Check out the Temuka Social Netball Club’s facebook page for further information or to contact Alanna or Rangi.