Disappointment over delayed aviary upgrade at Temuka Domain

Laurie O'Sullivan

May 2021

Despite consultant report raising welfare issues

Caretakers of the birds at the Temuka Domain aviary have been left frustrated and disappointed that the welfare of the birds has again been overlooked, despite a consultant report claiming the conditions at the current aviary site is ‘not ideal’ for the welfare of the mainly tropical birds.
The following report has been sent to the Temuka Telegraph by Laurie Sullivan, a concerned member of the group who look after the birds;
“As you will probably be aware from a recent Timaru District Council news release, the aviary relocation and upgrade has sadly been put back again on the Council’s domain development programme due to other financial commitments.
Considering that some time ago a thorough public consultation process was undertaken, with significant community financial input during the early stages, to prove to the Council of the time there was local community support and commitment to this project and the rest of the Domain upgrade.
It is important to recall the Council was provided with a report from a consultant stating that the present site is ‘not ideal’ for the welfare of these mainly tropical birds.
Since that time the Caroline Bay aviary has undergone a relocation and major upgrade, and is now currently in line for a second upgrade.
If you were to visit the aviary over the coming months you will see how shaded and cold this facility is.”