Charitable Knit & Knatter

Temuka Telegraph

June 2020

Every Tuesday morning a group of friendly ladies meet at the Temuka Library to enjoy each others company, with the added bonus for the community being, they knit for charity.

The group knit bootees, slippers, cardigans (and much more) for children, toddlers and babies, which is then sent up to the Kiwi Family Trust in Christchurch for distribution around New Zealand. There are countless organisations that receive the knitting; anywhere that babies and toddlers benefit from warm clothing such as prem-babies in intensive care, and midwives who have new mums that could do with a little help keeping their newborns warm.
The ladies in the Temuka group all agree that one knitter stands out from the rest. Having knitted over 300 pairs of slippers, and still knitting, is Margaret Curtis.
Margaret has been a regular at Knit & Knatter for three years, attending both the Temuka and Geraldine groups each week. Clearly she loves knitting, averaging 100 pairs of slippers each year, along with numerous hats and carseat covers. The added bonus, she says, is that her work goes on to help others who could do with a little warmth.
Margaret regularly dips into her own pocket to purchase wool, and says nothing is wasted.
The ladies at Knit & Knatter welcome all donations of wool to keep them going. If you have any wool lying around your home, they would appreciate any that you can spare. If you have any wool to donate, please drop if off at the library.