Bowling “oops” fines equal Samsung tablet for St John

Dave Wood

July 2021

Temuka St John recently became the beneficiary of some “oops” moments on the Temuka bowling green.

Bowling club president Steve Burgess is pictured presenting a Samsung tablet to paramedic Jane Dale that will assist the St John training programme.
The tablet will be used to download apps to program the new mannequins St John have as part of the training.
Now to explain the “oops”. Bowls have a bias and are designed to be delivered in an arc that brings the bowl back to the kitty. But if the bowl is delivered with the bias on the wrong side then it goes away from the kitty and becomes quite embarrassing for the bowler.
The Temuka Bowling Club has a container and each wrong bias costs the bowler a gold coin. The latest emptying of the container (together with a top-up from the club) paid the $464 cost of the Samsung tablet.
This is the third time the bowling club has donated its wrong bias “fines” to St John.